Cut BPA and pthalate levels in half!

Bisphenol-A (BPA) and pthalates are plasticizers commonly used in food packaging, storage and cooking materials.  There is increasing evidence that they act as endocrine disruptants, suspected of playing a role in breast cancer, prostate cancer, obesity, asthma, neurobehavioural issues, infertility, uterine fibroids and endometriosis.  A recent study published by Environmental Health Perspectives found that the body burden of BPA was cut by 60% and pthalates by half when participants in the study exclusively ate a fresh foods diet. Another reason to eschew packaged food and eat at home!


  1. Lactobacillus casei, a probiotic found in yogurt and kefir, also reduces the intestinal absorption by facilitating the excretion of BPA.

    Pat Robinson